K S Distribution is a Delhi-based firm that is involved in supplying an extensive array of products. Our product range includes Su-Kam Inverter, Su-Kam Automotive Battery, Su-Kam Inverter Battery, Su-Kam Inverter Battery Trolley, Su-Kam Power Accessories,Su-Kam Home UPS, Solar Conversion Kit and Su-Kam Solar Products.

Su-Kam UPS

By solving critical power problems, we have become a trusted Supplier of different types of Su-Kam UPS. Available in various types and capacities, our selection of Su-Kam UPS includes Su-Kam Home UPS, Su-Kam Line Interactive UPS, Su-Kam Commercial UPS and Su-Kam Online UPS. We, as a business, leave no stone unturned to let a power problem stand in the way of our client’s success. Each of the components used in the Su-Kam UPS is tested against varied parameters.

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Su-Kam Home UPS
The modular structure of Su-Kam Home UPS is admired for giving a stable performance as compared to other alternative UPS. Our range of Su-Kam Home UPS includes Cosmic Home UPS, Shark Home UPS, Smily Home UPS and Shiny Home UPS. We have become a respected Supplier of Su-Kam Home UPS, available in different capacities. The Su-Kam Home UPS

Su-Kam Commercial UPS
Based on the world’s advanced DSP Sine Wave Technology, Fusion Pure Sine Wave UPS is a leading-edge Su-Kam Commercial UPS. The powers the Su-Kam Commercial UPS supply are actually purer than the ones supplied from the mains. This is clearly evident, as appliances don't make any irritating, humming sound as they do on normal UPS available

Su-Kam Line Interactive UPS
Wanting to keep the equipment working whenever the voltage is low or there is a brownout, then trust the Su-Kam Line Interactive UPS. The Su-Kam Line Interactive UPS helps the equipment to work for longer hours while the voltage is low without draining the battery. Our entire selection of Su-Kam Line Interactive UPS comprises Connecto

Su-Kam Online UPS
Lower the impact on mains by selecting the Su-Kam Online UPS. Our entire range of Su-Kam Online UPS consists of IntelliQ Series Online UPS and Trusty MX Online UPS. The Su-Kam Online UPS supports a wide input voltage range and has an advanced battery charging system. We are a trusted Supplier of Su-Kam Online UPS. In addition, the Su-Kam

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