K S Distribution is a Delhi-based firm that is involved in supplying an extensive array of products. Our product range includes Su-Kam Inverter, Su-Kam Automotive Battery, Su-Kam Inverter Battery, Su-Kam Inverter Battery Trolley, Su-Kam Power Accessories,Su-Kam Home UPS, Solar Conversion Kit and Su-Kam Solar Products.

Su-Kam Solar Products

Select from us different types of Su-Kam Solar Products, which are known for their flawless performances. Designed using the latest technology the Su-Kam Solar Products are admired for their unequaled reliability. Our range of Su-Kam Solar Products consists of Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS, Su-Kam Solar Panels, Su-Kam Solar Power Conducting Unit, Su-Kam Solar Home Lightning System and Su-Kam Solar Charge Controller. We are a reliable Supplier of Su-Kam Solar Products.

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Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS
The Sun is the most well distributed source of energy, and solar power harnesses this abundant resource, more so in India, where the sun is hot and blazing almost across the country. With advances in technology, Solar Power has become affordable and available to a larger section of the society. Su-Kam’s Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS aims to provide

Su-Kam Solar Charge Controller
Su-Kam Solar Charge Controller is a system with an advanced MOSFET based PWM Technology. The term “Charge Controller” refers either to a standalone device or a control circuitry integrated one within a battery pack, battery-powered solar device or a battery recharge. The controller of the Su-Kam Solar Charge Controller is for off-grid

Su-Kam Solar Home Lightning System
Su-Kam Solar Home Lightning System (SHLS) harnesses the Sun’s energy to light up the home and power the small appliances. Benefiting both the wallet and environment, Su-Kam Solar Home Lightning System is not just a ‘brilliant’ idea; it is a ‘responsible’ one. Providing illumination powered from the Sun’s renewable energy, the

Su-Kam Solar Panels
The excellent arrangement of solar cells found on the Su-Kam Solar Panels has always been admired by clients. The Su-Kam Solar Panels are housed in a rugged, weather-proof nylon terminal box for output connections. We have become a respected Supplier of Su-Kam Solar Panels. Each of the Su-Kam Solar Panels can work in even the most demanding

Su-Kam Solar Power Conducting Unit
Su-Kam Solar Power Conducting Unit (PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller, inverter and a Grid charger. The Su-Kam Solar Power Conducting Unit provides the facility to charge the battery bank through either a Solar or Grid/DG set. Also, the Su-Kam Solar Power Conducting Unit continuously monitors the state of

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