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Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS

Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS

The Sun is the most well distributed source of energy, and solar power harnesses this abundant resource, more so in India, where the sun is hot and blazing almost across the country. With advances in technology, Solar Power has become affordable and available to a larger section of the society. Su-Kam’s Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS aims to provide access to this solar energy to you at an affordable price.

Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS is a modern artificial intelligence machine – a first in the power back-up industry. It is the world’s first UPS to harness solar energy into electricity and use its artificial intelligence to maximize solar energy to power homes and offices.

98% of efficiency delivered when charging battery from solar power as against mains. Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS draws power from solar energy as the first preference. Unlike conventional energy fuel, Solar PV Panel of the Su-Kam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS does not emit any gases or leave any residues, thus reducing the global warming and contributing towards a greener environment. 30% increase in battery life as a solar PV panel converts sunlight directly into pure direct current (DC).

  • Capacity : 850 VA / 12 V
  • Warranty : 5 Years
  • Price : Rs. 9,000

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