K S Distribution is a Delhi-based firm that is involved in supplying an extensive array of products. Our product range includes Su-Kam Inverter, Su-Kam Automotive Battery, Su-Kam Inverter Battery, Su-Kam Inverter Battery Trolley, Su-Kam Power Accessories,Su-Kam Home UPS, Solar Conversion Kit and Su-Kam Solar Products.

Solar Conversion Kit

Solar Conversion Kit

K S Distribution is known as a dependable Supplier of Solar Conversion Kit. Now convert your old inverter into solar charging system, and our Solar Conversion Kit is the best alternative for the same. Our Solar Conversion Kit will help you convert your old inverter into a solar charged inverter.

Save upto 50% of Your Electricity Bill
  • Pure DC charging of batteries will give extended battery life.
  • Solar charging of batteries will save your electricity bill.
  • More hours of backup as solar will still be charging even when the inverter is in ON mode.

  • Solar Panel set
  • Solar charge controller
  • DC wiring
  • Installation according to scientific way

Price List

Inverter Type Charge Controller Warranty (years) Solar Panel Set Warranty (years) Total Cost (R.S) Recovery time
Single Battery 10amp- 850 VA 2 80 Wp *2 25 9880 3- 5 years
Single Battery 20 amp -850 VA 2 100Wp*3 ® 25 20680 3-5 years
Double Battery 20amp- 1500VA 2 250Wp*2 25 30470 3-5 years
Double Battery 45amp -1500VA 2 250Wp*3 25 44200 3-5 years
Double Battery 45amp-1500VA 2 250Wp*4 25 57650 3-5 years
Double Battery 45amp- 1500VA 2 250Wp*5 ® 25 71200 3-5 years
Four Battery 45amp -2.5 KVA 2 250Wp*4 25 57650 3-5 years
Four Battery 45amp -2.5 KVA 2 250Wp*5 ® 25 71200 3-5 years
*Installation charges will be charges separately according to the site of installation

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